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Roadside assistence

We’ll keep you moving with 24/7 roadside assistance

No matter the time or place – whether you’re broken down, have a flat battery, a punctured tyre, or locked your keys in your car – we’ll be there within the hour to get you moving again.

With Enkhuizen largest roadside assistance network and over 20 years experience in motoring, you can rest assured you’ll always be in the safest hands.

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MOT inspection

Components of the APK

The General Periodic Inspection, or APK, exists in the Netherlands since 1985 and is compulsory throughout Europe. During the APK inspection the judge of your car company checks your car on three points:

Thanks to the APK inspection, it is a lot safer on European roads. After an APK inspection, you can safely return to the road with confidence. The environment also benefits because the inspection produces cleaner cars. Even if they are slightly older.

That’s why at R&B Autobandenservice Enkhuizen

At R&B Autobandenservice Enkhuizen, your car is in reliable, professional hands for the APK inspection. R&B Autobandenservice Enkhuizen technicians receive technical training from R&B and R&Bh stands by to provide direct support. The quality and reliability that you are used to from R&B, you can expect from our APK inspection.

R&B Autobandenservice Enkhuizen has its own APK inspector. He is strict on ensuring that tires, brakes, lighting and other vital components are suitable for getting on the road again. This way we can perfectly inspect your car and you always get expert advice.


Carry out your MOT inspection in combination with a service. During the ‘maintenance’, defects come to light, which we then immediately repair. This means there is less chance of rejecting your car. Moreover, it is often cheaper to plan the APK inspection in combination with maintenance.

 When is your car ready for an APK inspection?

It is important to know when your car is ready for an APK inspection. All Dutch cars are APK-obligated. You may not drive in the car if the APK inspection has expired. Are you doing this? Then you risk a fine. Do you do this anyway and you get an accident? Then your insurance company may not pay out any money.

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Let us maintain and repair your car

R & B Autobandenservice Enkhuizen is known for its craftsmanship and versatility when it comes to repairs and maintenance of cars. We are brand independent and work on both old-timers and new cars. With these latest technical gadgets we can completely read your vehicle (from 1997 onwards) and come to the core of the problem faster than many competitors, at an attractive price.

R & B Autobanden Service Enkhuizen provides both a small and a large service. This often happens in combination with the annual APK.

Small turn A small turn includes the following activities:

  • Overall control
  • Oil change
  • Check tire pressure
  • Check lighting
  • Check the multi-belt
  • Wiper fluid refill
  • Top up coolant
  • Check the brake oil
  • Check steering oil
  • Check spare wheel

Great turn A major turn includes the following activities:

  • Overall control
  • Oil change
  • Replace oil filter
  • Check tire pressure
  • Check lighting
  • Check the multi-belt
  • Wiper fluid refill
  • Top up coolant
  • Check the brake oil
  • Check steering oil
  • Check spare wheel
  • Replace the fuel filter
  • Replace interior filter
  • Replacing spark plugs (petrol engine)
  • Replace air filter
  • Reset service interval and erase all faults
  • Repairs

In addition to maintenance, we do repairs in allshapes and sizes.

  • Replace timing belts
  • Oil change
  • Repairing rear axle / wheel suspension
  • Remove clogged soot filters
  • Replace head gaskets
  • Replace water pump
  • Change tires
  • Replace brake discs, brake linings and brake hoses
  • Exchange the engine or gearbox
  • Replace clutch
  • Turbos
  • Eliminate malfunctions
  • Air conditioning service
  • Reman oil change
  • Etcetera, etcetera

Are you on the road with bad luck? No problem, we know how annoying this can be. When you are a customer at R & B Autobandenservice Enkhuizen you can simply leave your car, because in the evening we bring your vehicle to our garage for free with our car ambulance.
Do you have problems with your car or is it time for a turn? Call or send us a message, or visit our garage in Enkhuizen.

Airco Service

Have your air conditioning replenished on time

A malfunctioning air conditioning system is not only inconvenient, but can also pose a danger to your health by mold formation. It is wise to have the air conditioning checked every year and to have the year topped up. As a rule, more maintenance is not required more often than once every 5 years.

Have the interior / pollen filters replaced regularly, for example during a large turn.

For the maintenance it does not matter whether you use the air conditioning a lot or very little. With regular maintenance you prevent that it breaks down. Repairing or replacing an air conditioning is an expensive affair.

The refrigerant must be regularly replenished; a dry-running air-conditioning certainly goes wrong. A badly functioning air conditioning also has a negative effect on fuel consumption.

So choose the reliable air conditioning service from R & B Autobandenservice Enkhuizen and enjoy an optimally functioning air conditioning system. The refilling of your air conditioning can start from 50, –.


Use the air conditioning throughout the year. Turn it on occasionally in the winter. This keeps the system ‘fit’; the circulation of the coolant also provides the lubrication of the compressor. This prevents leaks and thus unnecessary repair costs.

Aircoservice Enkhuizen

Tire Service

Winter / Summer change tires?

From winter tires to summer tires and vice versa. In the Netherlands, driving with winter tires during the autumn and winter is not yet mandatory. Yet it is wise for your safety, and that of another, to change tires every six months.

At R & B Autobandenservice Enkhuizen we exchange, replace and balance your tires while you wait. While enjoying a cup of coffee, you can see how we prepare your vehicle for the upcoming season.


Gearbox service

Flush the gearbox

Does the automatic gearbox of your car interfere with difficulty? Does the box shock, bump or rattling? Does the vending machine make noise? Rinsing can be the solution!

The action of an automatic gearbox creates dirt in the transmission oil. The dirt adheres to the transmission components and thus causes damage to the gearbox. The gearbox will malfunction and will eventually no longer work at all. It is therefore wise to clean your automatic gearbox and replace the oil with special equipment.

R & B Autobandenservice Enkhuizen is the specialist in flushing automatic gearboxes. With our modern equipment and effective working method, we can quickly and cheaply flush your vending machine so that it switches effortlessly and functions smoothly. Just like your motorcycle, your automatic gearbox also needs maintenance, so make sure that your tank gets the care it needs to prevent annoying side effects! The rinsing machine we use removes and dissolves the harmful dirt that remains and replaces the used ATF with new liquid. Because of this new liquid, which no longer contains dirt, your automatic transmission will last longer and will cause problems less quickly.

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